dressing stylishly differently

Under the motto "Stylish - Attractively different: (almost) everything that makes a woman happy
you will find in my shop a complete programme for individuals of (almost) all sizes and ages: a mix of clothes, jewellery and accessories, combined with advice,

Workshops and seminars on the topics of charisma, effect, style, etc. At stilös there are clothes that are casual but chic, that can be combined very well with each other and that are cut in such a sophisticated way that - if necessary - they conceal "problem zones". You won't find useless knick-knacks here any more than you will find intrusive labels - I choose the pieces in such a way that the personality of the wearer is shown to its full advantage. I don't offer clothes for a certain type of woman, instead I'm all about an attitude to life that appeals to very different personalities. It is fashion for fun-loving and self-confident women (or those who want to be), with a sense of beauty and elegance - and a desire for their own style, because:
"... trends are fleeting, but one's own style is not." (Bobby Brown)
This fashion is complemented on the one hand by attractive accessories with which the garments can be individually combined and varied according to desire and occasion. On the other hand, I offer handmade, unique pieces of jewellery exclusively in my shop.

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