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Baby gifts to remember

Looking for a very special gift for the birth? One that captures the magic of the first time with baby? With a lot of love and heart and soul, we have put together beautiful baby gifts in the sent from heaven online shop that bring double joy. Once when you get them and later when you pull out the beautiful baby things again and reminisce. Have fun giving gifts!

Our gift tips for birth and baptism

The baby is here and we are blown away by how cute and above all how tiny the little newborn is. It's hard to imagine that you could ever forget this impression. But after just a few weeks, the baby has changed, it has grown, it babbles, it smiles, it starts crawling many new moments enchant us and we ask ourselves: was this little active toddler really once so tiny?" How nice to have received a few "memory aids" as a gift for the birth....

The sweet baby memory album "my first year" by ava & yves accompanies you through your first year with baby. Just big enough to capture the most beautiful moments in the first year of life, and thin enough not to overwhelm the new parents. We are thrilled by the loving yet modern design of the ava & yves collection, where you can tell that someone has put a lot of effort into it. The ava & y ves label also has nice gift ideas to prevent jealousy among big sisters and big brothers: for example, "big sister" buttons or "the-me-and-my-little-brother" book.

Baby Milestone Cards

"Our baby is wonderful and we want everyone to know it! - If you want to give a gift to very social media-savvy parents, the great milestone cards from mintkind are the perfect choice. The beautifully designed cards capture the special moments in life with baby and are perfect for staging great photos and posts on Instagram & Co.

Footprint sets for the baby

From our own experience, we know how fascinating it is when you can later visualise how small the little ones (or the grown-ups in the meantime) once started out. Handprint/footprint sets are a wonderful baby gift for birth or baptism to capture exactly this. If you like, you can carve the date of birth or christening into the plaster mass and create a very special gift.

Christening gifts with names

Especially as a christening gift, gifts with names are very popular. How about a handmade name pillow that can also be used as a heat pad? This way you not only have a very personal baby gift, but also a practical one at the same time.

Silver-plated tooth boxes and curling tins can also be engraved with names and make wonderful christening gifts.

Jewellery box & Co - a very special christening gift

But especially for christenings, jewellery is often given as a gift. How about an enchanting way to store them? In the sent from heaven online shop, we have put together some very beautiful music box jewellery boxes and treasure chests for you. The special thing about them: when you open the boxes, a figure turns and a melody plays: this fascinates children immensely, us too by the way....

We hope we have been able to inspire you in your search for the perfect baby gift. If you have the opportunity to drop by the sent from heaven children's shop in Munich Sendling and want to experience our gift ideas "live", pop into sent from heaven, we'll be happy to help you choose!

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