Your questions are close to our hearts!

That's why we have already compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you.

What is the Minga Card?

The Minga-Card is a voucher card for Munich, redeemable in all participating favourite places. We want to support local businesses and show the end customer - you - what wonderful opportunities you have in your city and neighbourhood! 

The Minga-Card is a new long-term project by Helfen-München and Regional-Hero to preserve local businesses in Munich.

What are the advantages of the Minga Card?

By purchasing the Minga Card, you ensure that purchasing power stays in our wonderful Munich and help all small and regional shops, restaurants and businesses.

Who is the Minga Card for?

Basically, the card is for every Munich resident, for old and young, for straight or queer, for everyone who wants to discover their city.

It is also suitable for:

1. children who can use the card like a prepaid card and thus learn how to handle money in a playful way

2. companies that can use the card as a monthly tax-free benefit in kind, thus giving their employees a great pleasure

Where can I buy the Minga Card?

Either the map can be purchased in PDF - format or as a physical map via our online shop and the online shop of MUCBook:

Where can I redeem the Minga Card?

The Minga Card can be redeemed in all participating shops. The amount on the card does not have to be spent all at once in one shop, but is debited exactly in cents and can be redeemed in as many shops as you like.

Is the card rechargeable?

The card can be topped up as often as you like with any desired amount in the participating shops.

When does the Minga Card expire?

The card is valid for three years after each recharge.

And what happens with the Helfen-München vouchers?

The Helfen-München vouchers can still be redeemed in the respective shop.

We continue to provide a platform for our favourite Helfen-München places. Therefore, we have started a listing of all favourite places, linked their own voucher shops and thus guarantee that all the money will reach them!

Does the money for the Helping-Munich voucher go directly to the favourite place?

When you buy a voucher through our site, our partner Atento Technologies Germany GmbH will pass on the money in full, minus 3% expenses, to your favourite place. We are only the intermediary and pass on 100% of the money.

Is the Help-Munich voucher valid for a specific favourite location or for all locations in general?

We are a platform and refer you to a partner of the shops that sells the vouchers. This means that you buy the voucher directly from your favourite place and only for that favourite place.

Does Helfen.München earn money from this?

Helfen.München is a non-profit project, we all work on it on a voluntary basis and do not earn money from the voucher sales.

The Minga Card is a second project. Participation for the favourite places is free of charge. As soon as a card is redeemed in a favourite place, the place pays a 6% mini commission of the amount paid with the Minga Card - this is how we cover our costs.

I bought a voucher but did not receive a PDF.

Please email us at and we will arrange for a PDF to be sent to you.

Will I receive an invoice for the voucher I purchased?

We will pass on your contact details to your favourite venue and they will then invoice you for the value of your voucher.

Can I also give the voucher as a gift?

Of course! Whether for yourself or your loved ones: Our vouchers are not bound to a name and can be passed on.

Can I resell the voucher?

After purchasing the voucher, you are free to do what you want with it. It is not linked to your name and can therefore be passed on to others.

How do I redeem a voucher?

Simply go to your favourite place and show the voucher. Using the voucher number and the QR code, the voucher can then be assigned and redeemed.

We will also launch an app on the market. With the app you will be able to pay contactless and independently!

Will I get my money back if my favourite place had to close? (Help-Munich voucher)

Unfortunately no, the money has been transferred to your favourite place. Even after a closure, several payments are due (e.g. outstanding bills or wages). Even if your favourite place had to close its doors, you still made a contribution to support it until the end. 

Doesn't the voucher system postpone the liquidity bottleneck of the shops until after the crisis?

The shops' prognosis is clearly no. They desperately need the support and financial help of their customers now. After the crisis, the whole thing will spread out and even a lower turnover will not have a serious impact. It is much worse now when there is no turnover at all. Therefore, there is a call from them to buy vouchers by all means!