theater…und so fort Gutschein

The small private theatre in the Sendling-Westpark district opened its doors at Hinterbärenbadstr. 2 in September 2019. However, Theta e.V. has been around since 1998 and has been creating space and room for the independent scene in Munich ever since.

The programme includes premieres of its own plays, co-productions, guest performances, stage programmes by magicians, readings and performances for children ("Dr. Döblinger's Kasperltheater"). In addition, special interest is taken in discovering new authors and acting talents.

Die Minga-Card – Der Gutschein für München – kann flexibel bei diesem und allen anderen teilnehmenden Lieblingsorten eingelöst werden.

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Opening hours:
Mon closed
Tue closed
Wed closed
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Sat closed
Sun closed
089 / 23219877
Hinterbärenbadstr. 2
81373 Munich